Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Amazing Nick Vujicic

There have been, and are, many amazing people in the world. Recently, I wrote (here) about the amazing Grimké sisters. They were amazing because in spite of growing up as privileged white girls in Charleston, S.C., they became leaders in the movement to abolish slavery in the U.S.

In completely different ways, Nick Vujicic (pronounced voy-a-chich) is also a most amazing person. He was born on December 4, 1982, in Australia of parents who had, before they met, each fled their native country of Serbia.

What a shock it was to them when Nick, their first child, was born with phocomelia! That little-known term describes the condition of babies who are born with malformed or missing limbs. (The term literally means “seal limbs.”)

Nick was born with no limbs at all, just one small foot with two toes at the bottom of his torso. Thus, he was destined to live a life without arms or legs as even prosthetics did not seem to work for him. Appropriately, his official website address is

His best known book, though, is titled Life Without Limits (2010). It is the inspiring, first-person story of this truly amazing man. In spite of their initial shock, Nick’s parents were pretty amazing, too, in the way they reared their son in spite of the tremendous challenges.
Nick’s book is a combination of autobiography, motivational messages, and Christian testimony all mixed together.

On the first page of the Introduction, Nick writes, “I was born without any limbs, but I am not constrained by my circumstances. I travel the world encouraging millions of people to overcome adversity with faith, hope, love, and courage so that they may pursue their dreams.”

It is certainly amazing how a person born with what seems to be such serious physical handicaps and disabilities has become an international speaker who seeks to motivate people to overcome their own physical or psychological handicaps that keep them from achievement and happiness.

Nick learned how to overcome the tremendous physical challenges he was born with, so in most ways he lives much the same as “normal” people—although he does need the help of a caregiver for many things, especially when he travels.

And Nick has literally travelled to countries around the world and has, as he says in the Introduction, spoken to millions of people in person and over television. June and I have seen him on “Hour of Power,” the Schullers’ TV program.

As strange as it might seem, Nick has even starred in a short movie. You can access “Butterfly Circus,” the movie he was in, here and watch the whole 20 minutes.

Kanae Miyahara was born in central Mexico, the daughter of a Japanese agricultural engineer and a Mexican mother. When she was a teenager, she moved to Texas to live with relatives, including her older sister.

Later, Kanae went to hear Nick speak in Dallas met him on that occasion. A romantic relationship developed, and they were married in February 2012. One year and one day later their first son, Kiyoshi, was born. Their second son was born in August of last year.

In 2014, Nick and Kanae co-authored a new book titled Love Without Limits: A Remarkable Story of True Love Conquering All. And theirs is truly a remarkable story.

Without a doubt, Nick and Kanae are amazing people. If you, or someone you know, are discouraged and feeling defeated, or even if you are not, I recommend the reading of Nick’s book. Those who do so will surely be amazed and inspired.


  1. Amazing how some achieve such heights in life despite circumstances.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting--and understanding the point of the article. Others didn't seem to get the point

      The first response received was from a strong anti-abortion advocate who wrote, among other things, "do you realize how much stress you are putting on women considering an abortion of their deformed or completely healthy babies?"

      I wonder if anyone has some advice about how I should respond to such a (sarcastic) question.

    2. I don't know that there's anything to respond to, Leroy. My experience with many of the anti-abortion absolutists, like the pro-gun absolutists and anti-Obama absolutists, is that they're single-mindedly focused on that one issue and unable to seriously talk about or even consider some of the ambiguities, empirical realities, and legal implications of their position. The response to your blog is a case in point. Your blog has nothing to do with abortion.

    3. Thanks, Anton, for your words of wisdom.

      You are right: I never thought about the matter of abortion at all while reading Nick's books or writing the article. That is why it was surprising (shocking?) that the first response I received was a sarcastic one only about abortion.

  2. Hi Leroy,
    We met Nicke several times when we lived in California and we actually volunteered for a Ministry that brought Nick in to their conferences.
    We even got our picture with him and enjoyed his presentations Live.
    He is a Great inspiration for All us Christians.
    Donna sue&jc

    1. Wow, John Tim, I am impressed that you have been involved in sponsoring Nick and that you have seen/heard him. I am glad you have had those opportunities and appreciate you sharing that here on the blogsite.

  3. I read both of Nick's books and rejoiced with him that his fear of never finding a wife who would love him had ended when he met his beautiful Kanae. They both agreed to always be honest with each other in their marriage. Though it seemed a little presumptuous to be giving advice on marriage while still in the honeymoon stage, I did appreciate Nick's acknowledgment that he must always beware of expecting too much of Kanae. Now that she is caring for three: a husband who requires much assistance (even to eat), for a lively toddler, and a new baby, I pray for them and that they will get the help they need in their home. They are both amazing.