Sunday, August 15, 2010

Birth Announcement

They didn't send out a birth announcement, as far as I know, but my parents could have after August 15, 1938. That is the day on which I was born, under the sign of Leo according to the Western zodiac. According to the East Asian zodiac, 1938 was the Year of the Tiger, and I have now been around the twelve-year cycle a full six times.
On this my birthday, I am taking this means to announce the birth of my new book, The Limits of Liberalism: A Historical, Theological, and Personal Appraisal of Christian Liberalism (4-L Publications). I am expecting the first box of books from the printer to arrive this week, and soon it will be available from or
This new book has had a long gestation period. I started writing it on October 1, 2005, soon after completing the manuscript for Fed Up with Fundamentalism, which was published in 2007. From the beginning I planned these books as companion volumes, and they are similar in format. Both look at Christian faith from the standpoint of what in the new book I call the “radiant center.”
I am now considering writing another volume directly related to the first two, but one that is shorter and less “academic.” If I do decide to write such a book, I would probably title it The Radiant Center. Maybe I would also use a subtitle such as Affirming the Christian Faith while Avoiding the Errors of Both Fundamentalism and Liberalism. (But this book would be written after the one I am currently working on, Thirty True Things Every Christian Needs to Know Now.)
Obviously, I hope many people will read my new book, and, naturally, I hope that most will read a copy they purchased. If you would like to order The Limits of Liberalism, I will be happy to mail you a copy in exchange for a $17.95 check. (The cover price is $18.95.) For those I can personally hand a copy to, the price is $14.95.
Whether you make a purchase or not, please rejoice with me in the birth of this new book.
Note: Not counting the first tentative posting on July 17 of last year, this is my 100th posting on this blog. I appreciate all of you who have read some, many, or even all of my postings. Over the months ahead I plan to continue making postings about every five days, and I always appreciate comments made either by e-mail or posted directly on the blog. – LKS 


  1. Congrats Brother! Look forward to seeing this one too. Your a creative person, and we all appreciate your sharing this with the world. Hi June! Peace ko shin, Bob Hanson

  2. The thrill of numbers! They can make perspective fun (or intimidating).
    Congratulations on a life of success, including the new success, and those to come. And Happy Birth Day!!

  3. Congratulations on your new book! We are proud of you and your accomplishments. Happy Birthday!

  4. I am looking forward to reading the new book!

  5. Congratulations on the book, your 100th post and another birthday.

    Thanks for your ongoing gift to us through your writings.

    Blessings on you in this year.