Friday, July 17, 2009

The Limits of Liberalism

Currently I am in the final stage of writing my second book, The Limits of Liberalism: A Historical, Theological, and Personal Appraisal of Christian Liberalism. This is the sequel to my book Fed Up with Fundamentalism: A Historical, Theological, and Personal Appraisal of Christian Fundamentalism, published in December 2007.

I started writing the second book on October 1, 2005, and my goal is to have it ready for publication by September 30, 2009. I am almost through with the writing now, but there is a lot of editing that still needs to be done.

I am looking forward to finishing the book and seeing it in print before too many months have passed.


  1. I'll be anxious to see this one, Leroy. Not least, because you've rejected Fundamentalism and see liberalsm as limited (or limiting?); I'm curious what descriptor you will adopt after offering criticism of these two poles. Descriptors are arguably necessary unless you're counting on an audience that will allow you to skip such labels.

  2. Friend there is no center you are either for the truth or you are not! There are no grey areas in the word of God! Not that we can be right on every single point of Christian doctrine. i.e. minor details on eschatology etc... But that you are with the Biblical Christ or you are not! To tech otherwise is to be in grave error? You remind me of Bill Moyers and he is definitely not saved! We can help the poor but we also better tell them to get off their backsides and find work! As Paul says. It seems to me that you and your liberal friends choose what parts of the Bible you wish to make a case for what I believe to be a false gospel? Your very critical of right wing Christian conservatives but have no qualm with the Hillary Clintons of the world? Rachel Maddow is your favorite program? This is a Christ hating leftist? She would be glad to see Christians have their businesses taken from them and censored and fined in order to promote her wicked sexuality! If I were you I would crey out to the Lord to save you because you are no man of God! Frank Barker and that other reprobate Barry Lynn I am sure love a guy like you? You all have one thing in common you are all being prepared for the fires of hell with the devil and his messengers! I urge you to repent and turn from your wicked ways? God can still take your hard heart od stone and turn it into flesh. I pray for the salvation of your soul you are in spiritual peril.